Slide We Are Marklinica,
A Digital Agency

Your Marketing Clinic.

Marklinica is a healthcare-based consultancy and integrated marketing agency that specializes in bringing what’s next to the healthcare industry.

We are a full-service digital agency, so we handle everything for medical communications from research, development, strategy and branding, to digital advertising and media that stand out in the marketplace, taking our clients’ businesses to a different approach and shaking up their sectors.

Why Marklinica?!

As our name implies, at Mark-linica we combine the best marketing techniques and technical know-how with the necessary clinical knowledge, all of which to provide you with innovative marketing with a medical touch that actually matters to you.

While most agencies start as a generic marketing agency, we are a group of medical practitioners who took it into marketing, and that’s our secret ingredient to our healthcare marketing solutions.
shaking up their sectors.

Our Esteemed Clients.

Along the past 6 years, Marklinica team have successfully worked with many leading names across various medical sectors and we believe our core values of constant innovation and commitment to excellence have been key in our journey.