Who We Help!

For the love of marketing, Marklinica team offers services to businesses which serve the community and add great values to people.

Medical and Vet Clinics

Private & Public Hospitals

Community Pharmacies

Pharmaceutical & Cosmeceutical Companies

Cosmetics And Skin Care Companies

Laboratories & Screening Centers

Health-Tech Companies

Event Management Companies

Home Medical Service Providers

Digital Marketing Solutions.

Our digital philosophy is rooted in the belief that businesses demand clear strategic goals for maintaining their perfect existence on digital platforms to command interest, inspire word of mouth, heighten engagement, and ultimately compel action for their audiences.

We push the boundaries to achieve the most professional image for your brand online in terms of gaining new customers and building deeper relationships with existing ones. Deploying digital techniques in the medical marketing space creates areas of opportunity for our customers to achieve their business goals through:

Extending reach over websites, portals, and new engagement platforms.
Enhancing content with rich visual support via video, animation, info-graphics and experiential technologies.
Providing powerful online value proposition across high exposure online communities.
Engaging potential clients to stay loyal and updated with new products, services and offers through newsletters.

Branding Capsule.

We believe that branding is a labor of love. Your image must be continuously nurtured and evolved. Our crew of brilliant strategists, visionary designers and pixel-perfect developers are with you every step of the way so that everything from the biggest idea to the smallest detail fits together to tell the complete story of your healthcare business.

From logo, business cards, brochures, flyers, business proposals to posters & professional presentation design. We have everything you need for conferences, health campaigns, important meetings and even on-ground activations. Our job is to create substantial brand loyalty so that wherever the brand lives, it wins the hearts of your audience.

And Consultation.

Marklinica offers training and consultation for marketing services to medical, dental, pharmaceutical and healthcare practices as well as to hospitals, clinics and labs.

We also facilitate health marketing initiatives and provide health risk and digital crisis communications planning and training. In addition, we offer health writing, editing and proofreading services for a wide range of projects.

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